1 – The type of shoes I prefer on men.
Oxford saddle shoes.

2 – The type of shoes that I prefer on women.
Slingback stilettos.

3 – My ultimate fashion fantasy.
To make a pair of shoes with my own two hands.

4 – The colour of shoes that I prefer.
Chestnut brown with a nice patina.

5 – My favourite shoe designers.
Charles Kammer.

6 – If my shoes were translated into music.
Tchaikovsky's Concerto for Violins.

7 – My hero in history.
Saint Louis.

8 – My iconic fashion piece.
The riding coat.

9 – My definition of the Parisienne.
Unconventional chic.

10 – My three indispensable pairs of shoes.
Penny loafers, one-cut derbies and boat shoes.

11 – My fashion and shopping motto.
Cut and quality first.

12 – The superpower I wish I had.
A composer's talent.

13 – The shoes faux pas that I’m willing to forgive.
The omnipresence of white sneakers.

14 – The pair of shoes that I’d like to be.
Authentic Native American moccasins.

15 – My shoe fashion icon.
My wife.

16 – My criteria when choosing comfortable shoes.
Unlined leather soles.

17 – My sources of inspiration for my creations.
The street, art openings, cinema and travel.


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