Repetto - Its vision of shoes in an exclusive interview

1 – The type of shoes I prefer on men.
Oxfords, and that’s not because I’m biased. They can be both casual and chic depending on the occasion or time of day.

2 – The type of shoes that I prefer on women.
Pumps, which for me is the hardest shoe to perfect. Everything is a question of line and form.

3 – My ultimate fashion fantasy.
To witness the creation of Yves Saint Laurent’s 1971 collections. It was revolutionary.

4 – The colour of shoes that I prefer.
A midnight blue on an iridescent velvet goat leather. Or even a black with blue undertones depending on the outfit it’s paired with.

6 – My favourite shoe designers.
Right now, Valentino and Aquazzura.

6 – If my shoes were translated into music.
Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont. Catchy, danceable, alive!

7 – My hero in history.
Nelson Mandela

8 – My iconic fashion piece.
The tuxedo jacket

9 – My definition of the Parisienne.

10 – My three indispensable pairs of shoes.
For a woman, the pumps/ballerina/low boots trio.
For a man, oxfords, white high-tops, and espadrilles.

11 – My fashion and shopping motto.
Always understand the story of the product.

12 – The superpower I wish I had.
To be able to travel at light speed and visit the whole world every day.

13 – The shoes faux pas that I’m willing to forgive.
Badly cut jeans with the right pair of shoes can work.

14 – The pair of shoes that I’d like to be.
Yves Saint Laurent ‘Tributes’.

15 – My shoe fashion icon.
Serge Gainsbourg wearing white Zizis with bare ankles.

16 – A secret about the making of ballet shoes
Secrets aren’t meant to be told…

17 – The look for being elegant in Repetto
Let’s say natural hair, very light makeup but intense nail colour, lace bodysuit under a loose white t-shirt and a men’s jacket, ankle length jeggings and Repetto napa leather ballerina shoes.


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