La Maison Du Chocolat

La Maison Du Chocolat welcomes you in a new kiosk. Find it on the Village map

Nourish mind, body and spirit

In Nicolas Cloiseau’s secret world, chocolate prods his inner stirrings. He is always musing about the chocolate of tomorrow, of ganache invented anew. His new “Bien Être” Collection breaks away from academic practices. Not losing sight of his convictions, he imagines chocolate differently. He lays ganache bare in order to expand its possibilities and take on the challenges imposed by its natural state. Au revoir cream and butter. His chocolate invites you to experience a new reality. The magic of his new ganache is that the taste is the same, the couvertures are perfectly balanced and the silky texture is still as delightful. The final result? In spite of the fact that a veritable revolution in chocolate has occurred, the sensations are unchanged, the good taste is intact and the silky texture is the same… This new “Bien Être” Collection of fruit ganaches is born from a bold idea. 100% natural, 100% vegetal, 100% awesome. As delicious as ever.

Available from May 23.

24€ for a box of 15 ganaches.