David Holder, president of Ladurée, continues his worldwide quest for talent. Next under the spotlight is chef Morihide Yoshida, who presents Ladurée's Japanese-inspired Easter collection. Morihide’s approach reinterprets great French pastry classics through Japanese origins and combines his own expertise with the Ladurée pursuit of excellence. For this occasion Morihide Yoshida has created a white chocolate and yuzu macaron, as well as a pastry, all of which are available in Ladurée stores. Morihide has also created a Sakura chocolate tart with Matcha tea, an ingredient symbolic of Japan. The Sakura tart is inspired by the cherry blossom season ‘Sakura’, which heralds the coming of spring in Japan. To produce this exceptional chocolate, Morihide Yoshida also drew inspiration from a famous Japanese legend of a rabbit sent to live on the moon as a reward for its generosity. This age-old tale provides the background for this exclusive and delightful creation.