La Maison du Chocolat

Chocolate, caviar and vodka… An extravagant trio comes together in a brilliant collaboration between the storied maisons of La Maison du Chocolat and Petrossian. The result is a limited edition Chocolate Vodka & Caviar Gift Box, featuring a duo of chocolates. To explore these bold associations and taste nuances, Nicolas Cloiseau*, Master Chef of La Maison du Chocolat, has united with like-minded legendary institution Maison Petrossian, synonymous with the luxury and elegance of Caviar à la française. The invaluable expertise of Armen Petrossian** and his commitment to magnifying the taste of his caviar and vodka were essential in the creation of this duo. The unexpected pairings are crafted to give an audacious succession of flavours, which enriches the complex nature of chocolate. The duo comes together as a dark chocolate ganache with hazelnut and almond praliné blended with caviar. A hint of hazelnut accentuates the subtle notes of the chocolate with the caviar, which oscillates between sweet and salty, and dark and milk chocolate. Rich, buttery notes yield to the softly salty notes of fresh sea air.

Caviar is inseparable from vodka. The ‘discreet fire’ of Petrossian’s Premium Vodka imposes its spirit onto this daring duo. In its role as the revealer of flavour, the purity of this vodka imparts crisp, floral and warm notes into the heart of a silky dark chocolate ganache.


Chocolate Caviar & Vodka by Petrossian Gift Box 28, 20 pieces, one size only:

  • Ten chocolates Vodka Dark Ganache
    Dark chocolate ganache revealing the warm intense notes of Vodka Premium Petrossian
  • Ten chocolates Caviar Dark Ganache
    Dark chocolate ganache with subtle iodized notes of caviar Petrossian, enhanced with a hazelnut/almond/caviar praliné

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