La Maison du Chocolat


Gourmet chocolate is once again ‘IN THE AIR’

Easter has arrived. With the focus on artist Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef of La Maison du Chocolat, creating a lively pastoral scene for his limited-edition Easter collection with characters that frolic, hop, and love chocolate. A lovely aroma of chocolate pervades the flower-filled meadows.

The handcrafted chocolate figurines bring to life an enchanted universe nourished exclusively with chocolate and praline. This imaginary world of bunnies, chicks, cows and sheep brings chocolate to new heights. Nicolas Cloiseau presents a delectable tale of continually reinventing pieces, starring Mister Sheep, Mademoiselle Feather, Monsieur Bunny and Miss Cow.

The characters in this scene have expressive eyes created in chocolate, whose fanciful procession is a delight to see as well as to taste. Nicolas captures the energy of a day in the country, celebrating the poetry of nature and heightening the colours of spring.

With a twinkle in his eye, Nicolas Cloiseau crafts a scene right out of a child’s imagination, inspiring the younger generation with the joy of a day in the country.

Crackling, crispy and crunchy…

The unique texture of the light and airy pralines from Nicolas Cloiseau reveals the gourmet appeal of each character. Monsieur Bunny hops around, all dressed up in an almond praline with caramelized coconut. Mademoiselle Feather plays a girl in the air with an almond/hazelnut praline and pieces of caramelised biscuits.

Mister Sheep is puffed up with shavings of crispy crêpe, while Miss Cow wraps herself in a veil of praline moussé with almonds. The crispiness, lightness and finesse all enrich this dream of spring.

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