What benefits will I get from PRIVILÈGE?

PRIVILÈGE is designed to make your shopping experience better than ever before. Members are issued a PRIVILÈGE code, which can be scanned at participating boutique tills every time a purchase is made. The more you scan your code, the more benefits you get back from us. The benefits of being a PRIVILÈGE guest are

  • Exclusive additional treats across all the Village brands and boutiques
  • Invites to insider fashion events and Private Sales
  • Hot news and trend reports to keep their style up to speed
  • Bespoke treats tailored to individuals.

What if I am already signed up to receive La Vallée Village updates and Private Sale invites?

You will be personally invited to upgrade your current membership to PRIVILÈGE. Please keep an eye out for these emails. Alternatively, you can upgrade by logging into your account, here, and you will be asked if you would like to upgrade to PRIVILÈGE. Membership of PRIVILÈGE will ensure you get the most from all of the exciting things happening at La Vallée Village.

Will I receive Private Sale invitations as part of Privilege?

Yes, as a PRIVILÈGE guest we will keep you up to date with the latest Private Sale events.

What communications will I receive as part of PRIVILÈGE?

We will send you exciting news and treats from the Village; as we learn about your preferred brands we will send you extra special, tailored news and treats.

How can I become a member of PRIVILÈGE?

You can sign up to Privilege here and you will receive a welcome email with your PRIVILÈGE Code. Alternatively, if you are in la Vallée Village you can sign up in the La Vallée Visitor Centre. PRIVILÈGE is free to join.

Can I join if I am from overseas?

Yes of course, all guests visiting La Vallée Village can make their experience even better by joining PRIVILÈGE; just sign up on our website. PRIVILÈGE allows members to take immediate advantage of a range of exclusive brand and Village treats; these can be accessed on the ‘Your Treats’ section of the member pages. Enjoy browsing!

How will I receive my PRIVILÈGE Code?

Shortly after you register you will receive a welcome email providing you with your PRIVILÈGE code. Present your code to boutique staff at the till every time you shop to unlock treats and rewards and enable us to send you relevant news and offers based on your favourite brands. The more often you scan your code, the additional treats you receive.

How do I access my PRIVILÈGE member pages?

Login here to access your PRIVILÈGE Code, your treats pages, your brand preferences, your tailored editorial news and your account details. Save the URL in your favourites for speedy access every time you wish to browse and redeem your treats and rewards.

Planning a trip to the Village? How can I make the most of my day?

Make sure you check your treats before you arrive in the Village, and remember to check back whilst you’re in the Village; the more you scan the more treats will come your way. You may well want to plan your trip around the exclusive treats and rewards available to you as our valued guest.

What is the best way of accessing my PRIVILÈGE Code when I’m in the Village?

You can access your PRIVILÈGE Code on your welcome email, via the La Vallée Village website or via the Chic Outlet Shopping app. The app can be downloaded via the App Store for Apple devices, or Google Play for Android devices. On Apple devices, the barcode can be saved in the Wallet book feature. The Village offers free Wi-Fi to support your access needs.

Alternatively, participating boutiques will accept the PRIVILÈGE Code displayed on your welcome email or on your member home page accessed via the La Vallée Village login page.

Where can I access the app, and what can I access in the app?

The Chic Outlet Shopping app has a dedicated area for PRIVILÈGE members. The Chic Outlet Shopping app can be downloaded via the App Store for Apple devices, or Google Play for Android devices. Once downloaded, members can login to PRIVILÈGE from the homepage. Members will be able to access their treats and rewards and PRIVILÈGE Code from the app.

Will I be rewarded for shopping in the Village?

We value our special guests. The more you shop with us, the more treats you will receive from us. The treats will range from previews to private events, new season launches, to complimentary gifts, special brand offers and the opportunity to sign up to exclusive events and competitions.

Where can I access my treats and rewards and how often will these be updated?

Your treats are available for browsing from your member page on the website or on the app. Emails may also notify you of any exciting new treats available. You’ll receive more treats if you visit regularly, so make sure you check your member pages often so you don’t miss out. Treats will be updated on a monthly basis, and on average treats will be live for one month to allow you to make a visit to the Village.

When will my treats and rewards expire?

Each individual treat has a unique expiry date. This is displayed clearly on the treat. Once the treat has expired, it can no longer be used.

How do I redeem my treats and rewards?

Please present the barcode in the participating boutique to redeem. You can show the barcoder on your phone or a printed version will also be accepted.

Can I scan my Privilege code in all boutiques?

Please present your PRIVILÈGE Code in all boutiques when you make a purchase, each time you scan your code you may earn additional treats. The majority of boutiques are participating in PRIVILÈGE, with the exception of food and beverage. Please see here for a list of participating boutiques.

What if I forgot to scan my code?

Please remember to scan your PRIVILÈGE Code next time you purchase from a boutique. Unfortunately we do not have a facility to retrospectively recognise your purchase.

What if I lose or can’t access my PRIVILÈGE Code?

Your PRIVILÈGE Code is digital so will always be accessible either from your emails, your account homepage or via the Chic Outlet Shopping app. If you have forgotten your password for your account pages, please request a new password.

How do I make the most of PRIVILÈGE?

Once you have signed up, please go to your member pages from the La Vallée Village homepage. From your PRIVILÈGE homepage, navigate to ‘Your Brands’ area and select your brand preferences. By doing this, we can send you perfectly tailored news and treats.

Don’t forget to scan your PRIVILÈGE Code every time you make a purchase in the Village. This will enable you to unlock special Village treats.

What if I forget my password for my member pages?

Click here to request an email to change your password.

Does the PRIVILÈGE Code have an expiry date?

Your unique PRIVILÈGE Code does not have an expiry date.

Who do I notify if my account details change?

If any of your details change you can easily update them on the ‘Your Details’ tab on your PRIVILÈGE member pages. Log in here to access and update your details.

What are the terms and conditions of PRIVILÈGE?

You can find the PRIVILÈGE terms and conditions here.

What if I would like to leave PRIVILÈGE?

If you would like to leave PRIVILÈGE please send an email to contact@lavalleevillage.com and we will remove you from the programme. Please note it may take up to 14 days to update your account.

What if I would like to unsubscribe from email communications?

To unsubscribe from emails at any time, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails. You will still be able to access your treats on the website or the app but will miss out on insider news and event alerts.

Can you use your PRIVILÈGE Code in all European Villages?

The PRIVILÈGE Code can be scanned in all Villages but you will only receive treats and triggered rewards for your primary Village (where you signed up). At present you can’t change your primary Village.

What do you do with my data?

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We want to use your personal information to improve our services to you and our guests generally. We will always keep your personal information safe and your personal information will only be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be found here.

Who can I speak to if I have any more questions about PRIVILÈGE?

Our staff in the La Vallée Visitor Centre will be happy to help with any further queries about PRIVILÈGE. Please pop in when you are next in the Village.