Pierre Hermé Paris


Pierre Hermé and the macaron. The two are nearly synonymous, so much has the pastry chef elaborated on the theme. Nestled in the heart of chocolate bonbons, this creation is the object of a new fixation for Maison Pierre Hermé Paris. A real after-work treat, it takes you to cloud nine with just one bite… There will be no lack of superlatives when it comes to evoking these feelings 

Whether a desirable object or a selfish or shared pleasure, this collection titillates the taste buds and pushes the senses into overdrive… everything you ever wanted to know about the macaron, but were afraid to ask. 

“This new fixation transforms the senses, creates contrast and provides the perfect opportunity to discover new textures… With the macaron at the centre and with only pleasure as a guide.” 
Pierre Hermé 


So exceptional, these macarons are a sweet justification of existence. The ingredients, precious for their excellence, their origins and their remarkable flavour, are what Pierre Hermé loves to associate, composing tastes right out of his imagination. Their elaboration is the expression of the fine pastry craftsmanship of the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris. Haute couture to bite into. 

  • New Macaron Citron & Pâte Sablée Citron – Lemon & Lemon Shortbread Pastry 
  • New Macaron Jasmin, Néroli & Immortelle – Jasmine, Neroli & Corsican Immortelle Flower 
  • Macaron Reine des Prés & Miel du Maquis Corse – Meadowsweet & Honey from the Maquis Shrubland Region of Corsica 
  • Macaron Céleste – Passion Fruit, Rhubarb & Strawberry 
  • Macaron Indulgence – Fresh Mint & Garden Peas 

The latest Pierre Hermé Paris creation from Les Jardins collection is: 

  • MACARON JARDIN D’OLYMPE – Vanilla & Saffron 

A gourmet’s elegy, this precious association of saffron and vanilla. Two elegant flavours creating a harmonious dialogue, permeating the senses with originality. 

The brand’s six permanent flavours are also available: Infiniment Chocolat Paineiras (Pure Origin Brazilian Dark Chocolate), Infiniment Rose (Rose & Rose Petals), Mogador (Passion Fruit & Milk Chocolate), Infiniment Caramel (Salted bButter Caramel), Infiniment Café Iapar Rouge du Brésil (Iapar Rouge du Brésil Coffee) and Arabesque (Apricot & Crunchy Pistachio). 


Welcome a macaron into the heart of a chocolate bonbon. What could be more natural for Pierre Hermé, who masters these two delectable repertoires with passion? The result is a creative cross of the pure taste of cocoa revealing nuances of almonds and the soft texture of a macaron. Interpreted in the multiple flavours of Maison Pierre Hermé Paris (Infiniment

Praliné Pistache, Azur, Infiniment Citron, Mogador...) each Bonbon Chocolat au Macaron is a fantasy of pleasure. 

  • New Bonbon Chocolat au Macaron Azur Yuzu ganache, smooth yuzu almond paste with macaron biscuit, enrobed in dark chocolate 
  • New Bonbon Chocolat au Macaron Infiniment Citron Lemon ganache, smooth lemon almond paste with macaron biscuit, enrobed in dark chocolate 
  • New Bonbon Chocolat au Macaron Infiniment Praliné Pistache Pistachio praline, roasted pistachios, smooth almond paste with macaron biscuit, enrobed in dark chocolate 
  • All of our Bonbon Chocolat au Macaron flavours are also available: Bonbon Chocolat au Macaron Mogador (Passion Fruit & Milk Chocolate) and Bonbon Chocolat Infiniment Praliné Noisette (Hazelnut Praline & Dark Chocolate).