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Noël sous les Etoiles

In November, the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris invites you to discover its Christmas Collection, "Noël sous les Etoiles". Launched on November 7th, this collection brings many novelties across all products categories: exceptional macarons collection, Les Adorables ; festive chocolates and cakes ; Our collaboration with talented artist Nicolas Buffe reflected by ephemeral creations, Advent Calendar and 40-macaron gift box.

As Pierre Hermé said, “the end of the year is a period of surprise and indulgence. During these months, we get together with family, friends, our loved ones, to celebrate the passing of time and the pleasure of being together. As always, we propose a collection of Festive creations to accompany these shared happy moments.”

Les Adorables, exceptional macarons
Ingredients of exceptional provenance – white truffle, candied chestnut, mandarin orange, black lemon – guide Pierre Hermé in planning his seasonal collection of macarons. Les Adorables: a signature collection of the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris proposed and revisited to provide unique Christmas sensations and pleasures each year. Available for a limited time only.

New - Black Lemon
The discovery of black lemon from Persia. The bright lemon, left to dry in the sun blackens leaving only the evocation of an unexpected, intense taste. A delicious Oriental, citrus taste.

New – Piedmont Hazelnuts & Foie Gras
The perfect match between two complementary flavours. The sweet, subtle note of the hazelnut naturally draws out the taste of foie gras with a fresh note and creates a contrast of texture. The taste of the hazelnut is revealed in crescendo, gradually enhancing the different facets of the foie gras.

Chocolate & Foie Gras

Mandarin Orange & Candied Mandarin Orange
This macaron gives the unique impression of biting into a mandarin orange. While the cream brings out the flavour and acidity of the juice and zest, the pieces of candied citrus fruit add a dash of bitterness. A full Sicilian mandarin experience in a macaron.

Candied Chestnut
The rich chestnut cream provides a contrast with the peaks of sweetness and flavour of the candied chestnut pieces.

White Truffle & Roasted Piedmont Hazelnut Slivers
A marriage of contrasts between the flavourful white truffle and the crunch of the hazelnut - two exceptional ingredients sourced from the Piedmont region in Northern Italy.



Truffles cast aside the well brought-up appearance of chocolate bonbons to amuse with their slightly untidy style. An irresistible temptation to be devoured!

New - Milk chocolate and Matcha green tea ganache, roasted pistachio slivers, enrobed in milk chocolate and Matcha green tea
A chocolate mouthful where the sweetness of the milk chocolate and the surprise of the roasted pistachio hidden in the centre work together to counterbalance the bitterness of the green tea and enhance its flavour.

New - Milk chocolate and chestnut ganache enrobed in milk chocolate
In this chocolate morsel, the taste, the bitterness, the intense density of the candied chestnut is enhanced by the sweetness of the milk chocolate.

Crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut praline, enrobed in cocoa

Intensely bitter chocolate ganache, enrobed in cocoa

12-piece assortment: 21€ • 20-piece assortment: 34€ • 28-piece assortment: 47€ - Available from November 7th


Pierre Hermé x Nicolas Buffe Collaboration

When Pierre Hermé imagines an Advent Calendar, it takes the form of a beautiful round box concealing 24 drawers, each enclosing a delicious surprise - a piece of chocolate covered fruit, a mendiant chocolate, a delicious confectionery treat of the Maison, to be discovered each day of December until Christmas Eve. Designed by Nicolas Buffe, the advent calendar tells a story. The story of the Kingdom of the Sun and of the Moon – the respective lands of King Zénon, the Queen Séléna and their children. Two opposing universes united only by a friendly robot with a halo of stars and Cupidon. An illustrated adventure created especially for the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris.

Advent Calendar – Available from November 1st to December 4th

Inspired by the Adventure of the Two Kingdoms, imagined by Nicolas Buffe for the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris, this exceptional gift box covered with the illustrations of curious characters tells a chapter of their story. The story of the abduction of Princess Lily and her cat, held in the Tour d’en Haut by Athanor 3, the robot, under the starry night sky.

40-macaron gift box - Available from November 7th

Gifting Offer


The ideal gift box - under its elegant curves, it reveals a gourmet selection of Pierre Hermé Paris creations, to compose as you desire.

Orange: complimentary for orders over 125€ • Yellow: complimentary for orders over 180€ •  complimentary for orders over 235€

Clean lines and colourful style, adorned with an elegant leather strap, the chic Mosaïc gift boxes by the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris make the perfect gift – to offer and to be offered.

A prime example of the pure elegance that exists in all Pierre Hermé Paris creations, The Infiniment Grande case is a visual treat. The different coloured trays can be assembled at will and stacked infinitely high filled with macarons or chocolates and bound together by stylish leather straps. An exceptional piece.

1 box is equivalent to 72 macarons or 420g of Bonbons Chocolat / 35 macarons and 120g of Bonbons Chocolat.