Poiray - Técla

Charming jeweller and watchmaker Poiray was founded in 1975.

Maintaining its creative freshness year upon year, its history is characterised by its impertinence and audacious spirit in a world of classic jewellery.
Poiray appeals to all generations and embodies Parisian chic and charm with subtlety.

The only French jeweller specialising in cultured pearls, represents over a century of creating jewellery from the most desirable pearls.
Thanks to its pearl jewellery, Técla, from the outset, became a brand which embodies Parisian elegance, while the boutique at 2 rue de la Paix was decorated with the highest refinement and originality by the famous interior decorators House of Jansen to become a fitting showcase for the brilliance of the pearl jewellery.