Colour pop

Think about activewear and it’s difficult not to visualise yoga pants, a sweatshirt and sneakers. The truth is however, that your wardrobe doesn’t need to be technical or high-functioning to be classified as sporty – if the thought of a tracksuit makes you wince, then this is the look for you.

MARNI, Green clutch
Retail price 2016 : €490 €245
Green clutch
MARNI, Yellow skirt
Retail price 2016 : €890 €445
Yellow skirt
MARNI, Flower patterned knitwear
Retail price 2016 : €590 €295
Flower patterned knitwear
MARNI, Wedges
Retail price 2016 : €630 €315
PAUL SMITH, Lace-up shoes
Retail price 2015 : €525 €225
Lace-up shoes
PAUL SMITH, Fuchsia t-shirt
Retail price 2016 : €70 €35
Fuchsia t-shirt
PAUL SMITH, Laptop case
Retail price 2016 : €220 €147
Laptop case
MARNI, Patent leather clutch
Retail price 2016 : €690 €345
Patent leather clutch

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