Marie-Antoinette by Ladurée

Our lucky star!

For many years now, Marie-Antoinette has been a constant source of inspiration here at Ladurée. Whether she is a Queen, a Princess, or merely a woman, every Marie-Antoinette in France deserves her own collection. This is a new collection, with boxes adorned with rosebuds in memory of Marie-Antoinette’s undying love of flowers. An homage to all the great women of France, who have made history with their grandeur and zeal.

Available in La Vallée Village from 15 September 2017.

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Marie-Antoinette Candle

This pastoral scent leads us on a gentle stroll between fragility and emotion. A gathering of rosebuds, honey, and citrus fruits dances through our consciousness, without a care in the world. The Marie-Antoinette candle and home fragrance is a truly historical offering.

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