Nature meets technology


In a world of constant exploration, discover the point where nature and technology meet at La Vallée Village. From 4 March to 12 May, take a journey into an extraordinary universe where walls of soft, natural greenery are combined with sharp, contemporary neon lights.

The streets of La Vallée Village will be flooded with nature in the form of green walls, low-hanging plant arrangements and window displays featuring the colours of nature and floral prints. This wild universe is in stark contrast with the glaring modernity of technology, yet at La Vallée Village the two blend seamlessly. Neon lights highlight the softness of the decor throughout the Village and the boutiques choose their preference in this new universe, sometimes reflecting nature and sometimes technology. Elsewhere in the Village, a wall depicts an illuminated tree, proving that these two worlds are not incompatible – far from it. Cross the border between these two worlds with a unique immersive experience to share on social media.

Pick your side: nature or technology?

Or both? If you’re torn between the two, let La Vallée Village help you decide. To find out whether you’re more nature or technology, take part in a series of fun in-boutique events. Plus, every week from 4 March to 21 April there will be a competition for Privilege members giving you the chance to win an electric scooter!

Dsquared2, Tee-shirt noir homme
Retail price 2018 : €290 €176
Men's black T-shirt
Anne Fontaine, Tropical ruffle jacket
Retail price 2018 : €450 €305
Tropical ruffle jacket

A luxurious, urban wardrobe

Explore the concepts of nature and technology through fashion at La Vallée Village, with looks that focus on sophisticated details and sought-after materials. In March, inspiration comes in the form of luxurious looks enhanced with graphic collars, opulent brocade fabrics, statement sleeves and structured shoes. This is followed in April by a more urban look where the concepts of comfort and flexibility merge, with looks featuring trainers, wide-legged trousers and natural materials. In the boutiques you’ll find outfits that reflect the colour and comfort of nature while also working in harmony with our city-dwelling lives. 

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La Vallée Village through the lens of Citizen K magazine

Citizen K takes over the Village once again with a retro-futurist take, revealing its vision of the luxury open-air shopping experience that can be enjoyed in this unique location. This new body of work is a surrealist expression of the extraordinary moments that can be experienced in the Village, expressed through the idea of teleportation into the Village: with each manifestation a different spring style is presented, showcasing pieces found in the Village’s boutiques.

REDValentino, Red sports dress
Retail price 2018 : €425 €275
Red sports dress